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mir display server

Mir Might Live on as a Wayland Compositor for the MATE Desktop

When Canonical jettisoned its over-egged ambitions of building a ‘convergent’ platform spanning mobile, desktop and IoT devices most of us assumed that it signalled the end of the road for Mir, its home-grown display server […]

27 June 2017
uninstall unity 8

How to Totally Uninstall Unity 8 from Ubuntu

With Unity 8 development dead-ended by Canonical there remain few compelling reasons to keep the Unity 8 desktop session installed on Ubuntu.

17 April 2017
unity 8 greeter entry

Unity 8 Desktop Session Arrives in Ubuntu 16.10

The latest updates to Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak add a Unity8 desktop session to the Ubuntu login screen.

5 October 2016

Watch X11 Apps Running on Mir in Ubuntu 16.10

Wondering how support for running legacy X11 apps on the Mir display server is shaping up? Feast your eyes on this short video.

13 July 2016

Here’s How To Install Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

In this article we look the current state of Unity 8 & Mir (thanks to a new video), and show you how to install Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

3 April 2016
mir display server

Ubuntu Convergence Demo: X Apps Running on Mir Display Server

Wondering how legacy X apps will look running on Mir, Ubuntu’s next-gen display server? Well, wonder no more. In the video below, shared by Ubuntu developers earlier today, we see Mozilla Firefox, GNOME’s erstwhile text-editor […]

7 September 2015
convergence ubuntu

New Video Demos Ubuntu Convergence on Tablet, Phone

A new video shows how far Canonical has come with the idea of convergence, both at the software level and on working hardware.

27 February 2015
mir display server

Ubuntu Devs Demo GTK+ App Support for Mir

Canonical software engineers have shared word on work they've been doing to get GTK+ applications running on Mir in Unity 8 on Ubuntu 14.10.

18 June 2014
mir display server

Unity 8 Mir Compositor Demo Shows Slick Progress Afoot

Canonical's Mir developers are always keen to show off their progress, and the latest video demo highlights just how polished the technology has become.

20 March 2014

Mir Display Server May Not Arrive on Desktops As Default Until 2016

Ubuntu's next generation display server Mir, developed by Canonical as a flexible alternative to Wayland and XServer, may be facing another delay on its way to the desktop.

13 March 2014

Chromium Browser Ported To Mir Display Server

In an impressive feat, Ubuntu has demoed a working port of Chromium running on Mir, Canonical's in-house, next-gen display server.

5 March 2014

Some of Linux’s Most Popular Games Will Run Natively On Mir

The Simple Direct Media layer (SDL), used in a growing number of high-profile games, has added support for Ubuntu's Mir display server.

5 February 2014