Wondering how support for running legacy X11 apps on the Mir display server is shaping up?

Feast your eyes on this.

Uploaded by the ever-wonderful Popescu Sorin, the short video we’ve embedded below demos the process for installing X11 apps for Unity 8 and Mir on the Ubuntu 16.10 desktop using the Libertine container (which is what lets legacy X11 apps to run on the Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet).

Not looking bad is it?

While there’s still plenty more work to be done on integration, things are at least advancing at decent pace.

Videos of X11 apps running on Mir in the past have often been a little on the slow side, with lags, delays and stutters. None of that is evident here. Apps open in a snap (pun totally intended) and are responsive.

Are you looking forward to using Unity 8 and Mir on your desktop?

Video mir