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Mir 0.1.4 Debuts With Nexus Bug Fixes and GL Texture Caching

Mir 0.1.4 has been released, bringing with it a raft of bug fixes, helpful developer tools and performance enhancements. Canonical’s in-house display server has been designed from the ground up to drive the Unity interface […]

13 January 2014

What to Expect in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

In around five months time the terrifically named Trusty Tahr – aka 'Ubuntu 14.04' – will be released - but what can you expect to find in it? We take a ramble through the known plans...

25 November 2013
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Mark Shuttleworth Brands Mir Opponents “The Open Source Tea Party”

Opponents of Mir are 'politically motivated', says Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth in a blog post announcing the name of Ubuntu 14.10.

19 October 2013
mir display server

XMir Dropped from Ubuntu 13.10 Default Due to ‘Technical Difficulties’

The goal to enable XMir by default for supported graphics cards in Ubuntu 13.10 has been pushed back.

2 October 2013

This Ubuntu Phone Mir Demo Shows ‘Performance’ Users Can Expect

Mir developers have shared an older video demo of Mir that, they say, shows the 'experience and performance' users can expect to find soon.

13 September 2013
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Mir Performance with Unity 8 Shown Off in New Video

Unity 8 has been demoed running on top of Mir. Ubuntu software developer Didier Roche shared a short clip of the Ubuntu Touch interface running natively on Mir.  No Android surfaceflinger (What Ubuntu Touch currently uses), and […]

12 September 2013
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Intel Remove XMir Support From Xorg Driver

Intel has pulled XMir support from their Xorg driver branch just days after Canonical submitted it - a decision that has sparked controversy.

8 September 2013
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Mir Adds Multi-Monitor Support And Readies For Default

The final features are now landing in Mir just in time for feature freeze which is happening this Thursday, August 29th.

27 August 2013
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Lubuntu, Kubuntu Won’t Ship With Mir in 13.10

The KDE-based spin Kubuntu, as well as the lightweight distro Lubuntu, have both announced they have no plans to adopt Mir for their future releases.

30 June 2013
mir display server

Mir To Ship As Default Display Server in Ubuntu 13.10

Mir is to ship as the default display server in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu engineers have today announced.

27 June 2013

Unity 8, Mir Preview To Be Available in Ubuntu 13.10

Both Unity 8 and Ubuntu's new display server Mir will be available to try in Ubuntu 13.10. At least, that's the aim, anyway.

16 May 2013

Unity 8 Gets Demoed on Mir, Looks Impressive Already

Unity 8 - the next major version of the Unity desktop - has been demoed running atop of Mir, Ubuntu's custom display server.

14 May 2013