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Minitube Channel Subscriptions

Minitube 2.2 Fixes Playback Issues, Adds Channel Unsubscribe Option

Unofficial and Flash-free desktop YouTube player 'MiniTube' has been updated with playback fixes and minor improvements.

27 July 2014

Desktop YouTube App Update Arrives in Ubuntu Software Centre

Minitube 2.1, the latest version of the popular desktop YouTube player, has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center in 13.04.

2 July 2013

MiniTube Adds Account-Free Channel Subscription, Added to Ubuntu Software Centre

Desktop YouTube player MiniTube has been updated with a rather nifty new feature: account-free channel subscriptions.

28 June 2013

Three Top Ubuntu Apps Get Weekend Updates

Audio player Musique; flash-free desktop YouTube viewer Minitube; and its sibling, the YouTube music jukebox 'MusicTube', were all levelled up with new features and new looks.

4 February 2013
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Desktop YouTube App ‘Minitube’ Adds Search Filtering, YouTube Fix

The flash-free desktop YouTube app MiniTube has been updated - and in the nick of time, too. Recent changes to YouTube has 'broken' video playback in all releases prior to this one, including the most recent version released in June of this year. But aside from 'fixing' itself to work with an update dYouTube there are also other changes to be taken advantage of...

28 September 2012
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Desktop YouTube Player ‘MiniTube’ Adds New Mini Mode

Desktop YouTube app 'MiniTube' has been updated with a new 'compact mode'.

29 June 2012
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YouTube Lens Adds MiniTube Playback Option

Remember that YouTube Lens for Unity we showed you last week? It's just gotten a little bit better. The Lens lets you browser through YouTube's extensive video library without having to open your browser. When you want to watch a video you just click on the thumbnail and out pops VLC ready to play the video right away.

10 January 2012
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Minor New Features Added to Linux YouTube App MiniTube

Flash-free desktop YouTube player 'MiniTube' saw a new release at the weekend. The update, which bumps the app to version 1.7, sees a number of minor new features added.

8 January 2012
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Linux YouTube App ‘Minitube’ Updates, Adds Social Features

A new version of flash-free desktop YouTube app ‘Minitube’ has been released. The bulk of the changes concern Mac OS X Lion users (as the app is cross-platform) but there are few goodies that Ubuntu […]

30 October 2011
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MiniTube Updated With YouTube Fix, Drag And Drop Feature

YouTube app 'MiniTube' has been updated witha fix for a recent change by YouTube that 'broke' playback on the Flash-free desktop app.

7 August 2011
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Desktop YouTube app ‘Minitube’ sees bug fix release

Minitube - the impressive HD-capable and Adobe Flash-free desktop YouTube player for Windows, Mac and Linux - has seen a new 'bug fix' release this morning.

16 May 2011
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Bugfix update to desktop YouTube app ‘MiniTube’

A minor "bugfix" update to Minitube - the desktop, flashfree YouTube app - is available for download.

17 April 2011