Three of Ubuntu’s most popular third-party applications recieved some updates over the weekend. 

Audio player Musique; flash-free desktop YouTube viewer Minitube; and its sibling, the YouTube music jukebox ‘MusicTube‘, were all levelled up with new features and new looks.

MiniTube 2.0


Flash-free YouTube browser, viewer and downloader-in-one ‘MiniTube’ was bumped up to version 2.0.

Changes include:

  • Access to YouTube categories such as “Most Popular”, “Featured”, etc
  • New Country selection
  • Related videos toggle
  • Bigger thumbnail previews
  • “Show 10 More” with a single click
  • Single click video playback in playlist
  • Video thumbnails are now cached
  • Ubuntu Ambiance theme integration

MiniTube is a free application for Ubuntu, and paid on Windows and OS X.

Download MiniTube 2.0 for Ubuntu

An older version, minus the features above, is available from the Ubuntu Software Center.

MiniTube 1.9 on the Ubuntu Software Center

Musique 1.2.1


Hitting 1.2.1, attractive music player ‘Musique‘ gains a speed boost by way of faster artist photo and album cover loading. This, in turn, makes scrolling faster, too.

Bug fixes mean that system language detection now works, and there are updated translations for various languages.

As with MiniTube, Musique also receives new Ubuntu Ambiance theme styling.

Musique is a free (albeit donationware) application for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Download Musique for Ubuntu

MusicTube 1.2.2


MusicTube, a desktop music player that uses YouTube as its library, receives largely bug fixes in its update.

Playlist drag and drop has been fixed, as has a video issue with the Phonon backend on Linux.

As with MiniTube and Musique, MusicTube also receives new Ubuntu Ambiance theme styling.

MusicTube is a commercial application available to buy from the Ubuntu Software Center for $10.99.

MusicTube on the Ubuntu Software Center

A free demo, along with links to buy the Mac and Windows versions, can be found on the developer’s website.

MusicTube Website

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