A minor “bugfix” update to Minitube – the desktop, flashfree YouTube app – is available for download.

Minitube developer Flavio Tordini, writing on his blog, says of the release: –

“This version addresses a bug with some videos not playing, especially longer ones. Also full length videos now start playing much faster. 1.4.2 also fixes some invalid download filenames on Windows.”


The Minitube PPA, maintained by Christian Mangold, has yet to be updated with this release so whilst all bug-fix updates to applications are recommended upgrades you will need to either exert patience, use the 32bit Binary (which runs from the folder) or manually compile MiniTube 1.4.2 from source to benefit.

Compiling isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

  • Grab the source tarball here and extract into your home folder
  • Install all needed dependencies by clicking here
  • Open a Terminal and enter: cd minitube
  • Run qmake followed by make
  • Install using sudo make install
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