The flash-free desktop YouTube app MiniTube has been updated – and in the nick of time, too. 

Recent changes to YouTube has ‘broken’ video playback in all releases prior to this one, including the most recent version released in June of this year.

But aside from ‘fixing’ itself to work with an update dYouTube there are also other changes just waiting to be taken advantage of…

New Features

Top of the ‘new features’ list for me is the addition of a new search filter UI. This allows you to narrow down search results based on upload date, length, rating, view count or video quality. This feature was sorely missing until now.

Minitube's new filtering options

To access the ‘search filters’ you can  mouse over the lower right-hand corner of the search results and clicking on the ‘search’ icon that appears [see image below]. Alternatively you can call it up using the CTRL+R keyboard shortcut.

A subtle ‘download progress’ bar has been added to videos before they play. This white line will give you a quick hint as to how long you’ll be waiting until your Flash-free video begins playing (hint: it’s usually super quick).

If (like me) you happen to be typo-prone then version 1.9 should make your life easier thanks to the introduction of spelling suggestions when you misspell a search term.

A minor ordering change in the Video Downloads UI places new downloads at the top of the list.

new downloads appear at the top in MiniTube

Finally, there are bug fixes for full-screen behaviour on Linux as well as update translations.


MiniTube isn’t the only app by developer Flavio Tordini getting an update. Musictube – an audio player using YouTube as its ‘on-demand’ library – has also been fixed to work with YouTube.

Download Minitube

On to how you can get the apps.

Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit) users can download pre-compiled binary packages (these are run from their folder) straight from the MiniTube website @

If you plan on running the app via this method you will also need to install the dependencies mentioned in this post.

A PPA is also available for 12.04 users, maintained by Christian Mangold, but at the time of writing it has yet to be updated with version 1.9.

Frustratingly for Flavio Ubuntu 12.10’s Software Center will continue to ship with version 1.8 – a version that is broken. This is a shame as anyone discovering the app through the Ubuntu Software Center will get an unfair impression about it and the dedication of its developer.

Download Musictube

Musictube is a paid application available form the Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04.

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