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Are You Satisfied With Your Ubuntu Phone? (Poll)

Ubuntu OTA 12 will have completed its phased roll out by the time you read this, and feedback to the changes it brings will no doubt have begun to roll in. Now that we’re almost 18 months on from the launch […]

30 July 2016

Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Phone Features 10-Core Processor, Costs €399

Following rumours earlier in the week we now have firm proof that the next Ubuntu phone is the Meizu MX6.

30 June 2016

Do These Photos Show a New Ubuntu Phone? (Updated)

We've been passed a photo that purports to show the 'mystery' new Ubuntu Phone we reported on yesterday.

27 June 2016

A New Ubuntu Phone Is In Development

Midori is the name of a nimble WebKit-based web browser — but might it also be the codename for a new Ubuntu Phone?

26 June 2016

‘Frustratingly Slow’ — Read The Verge’s Verdict on the New Ubuntu Phone

The world's most powerful Ubuntu smartphone isn't impressing everyone…

24 February 2016
the meizu pro 5 ubuntu edition

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Phone Priced $370, Goes on Sale in ‘Mid-March’

The Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone will go on sale in the middle of March.

22 February 2016

Ubuntu Phone To Gain Biometric Security Features

Ubuntu Phones running secure biometric identity tools will be demoed at next week's Mobile World Congress.

15 February 2016
Last year's MWC teaser

Meizu Tease New Ubuntu Phone Ahead of MWC 2016

Meizu is teasing an Ubuntu announcement at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off a week today.

14 February 2016

‘Android OEMs Will Ship Ubuntu Phones This Year’, Say Canonical

Several Android phone makers will release Ubuntu phones this year, Canonical's CEO has revealed.

10 February 2016

Canonical To Demo OnePlus & Sony Devices Running Ubuntu

Phones from Sony, OnePlus and Fairphone will be demonstrated running Ubuntu (Touch) later this month, we can reveal.

5 February 2016

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Finally Goes on Sale — But There’s a Catch

We're pleased to be able to reveal that the long-awaited Meizu MX4 Ubuntu phone will go on sale this Thursday, June 25.

23 June 2015

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone: Everything You Need To Know

Meizu will begin selling its first Ubuntu Phone in Europe this month, we can reveal. While an exact date has yet to be finalised we're told it should be 'by the middle of June'.

1 June 2015