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Unity to Ship with Smarter Dash Search in 13.04

In an attempt to both broaden the types of data that can be searched from the Dash and increase the relevancy of results, Ubuntu and Canonical are to introduce some major improvements to the Scopes API.

30 January 2013

Make Ubuntu Smarter With The ‘Unity Answers Lens’

What is Ubuntu? Where do Dalek's come from? And can you cook pasta in a microwave? Don't worry this is not a pop quiz, but examples of questions that I have, at various points in my life, turned to Google to get answers for. Now, a new Lens for Ubuntu's Unity desktop makes finding answers to common questions insanely easy. Meet the 'Unity Answers Lens'.

29 November 2012
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Search ‘Google Play’ from the Unity Dash

A new lens for Ubuntu 12.04 lets you search through Google Play catalog of apps, books and movies straight from Unity Dash.

12 November 2012

Dedicated ‘Amazon Shopping Lens’ Created for Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.10 debuted a new 'Shopping Lens' feature - but not everyone found it useful. mongst those who liked the idea of the Shopping Lens, but not the way it works by default, was developer Mark Tully. But rather than gripe, uninstall, or miss out - he made his own dedicated Shopping Lens...

4 November 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Adds New Photo Lens

With Ubuntu already boasting dedicated default lenses for Files, Apps, Music and Videos it was inevitable that users photos would also be catered for. Ubuntu 12.10 does just that: Photos can be searched, filtered and viewed through their own lens (unsurprisingly called the 'Photo Lens').

27 August 2012
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Unity Torrent Lens Adds Piratebay Ban Proxy for UK Users

A new update the Piratebay-Scope for Unity circumvents 'The Piratebay' ban affecting UK users.

2 August 2012
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Ubuntu 12.10 Adds Radio Finder Lens

A new radio lens has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 12.10. Station listings are fetched from the group of websites thus making over 7,000 radio channels accessible from the lens.

25 July 2012
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Learn About Your Medication With the Unity Medicines Lens

Do you read the information leaflet enclosed with your medication before you discard the packaging? If you don't (and chances are you don't) then a new lens for Unity lets you access online copies of these leaflets, along with additional information on your medicine's characteristics.

22 July 2012

Unity News Lens Now Shows Local News

When the Unity News Lens was first released earlier this year, our excuse for not being knowing what’s going on in the world …Well, it evaporated. And now, in the Unity News Lens’ most recent update, […]

6 July 2012
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[How To] Add RuneScape Wikia Lens to Ubuntu 12.04

If you still play RuneScape - one of the worlds most popular free MMORPGs - then you may find yourself searching the dedicated Runescape 'Wikia' site from time to time. A new Unity lens, created by Runescaper Ryan McClure, brings that Wikia to the Ubuntu desktop.

21 June 2012
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‘Ubuntu Accomplishments’ Makes Getting Involved in Ubuntu Fun

There are a myriad of ways for Ubuntu users to become involved in the wider community - but just where does one start? Enter the Ubuntu Accomplishments system, which aims to make finding, working towards and tracking opportunities within the Ubuntu community and beyond from one place.

17 June 2012
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Add Movie Review Search to the Ubuntu Dash

Want to know of a movie is worth watching? A new scope for Ubuntu's Unity desktop aims to make finding out super easy.

12 June 2012