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Unity YouTube Lens Updates with Browser Free Video Playback

The latest update to the YouTube Unity Lens adds Flash-free playback of videos in VLC (if it's installed) when clicking on a video result. Dapper.

2 January 2012
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So Long Productivity – YouTube Lens Puts Browser-free Searching of Videos in the Unity Dash

The fantastic folks over at Spanish blog ‘Ataraeo‘ have put together a nifty a lens for browsing YouTube’s library of videos straight from the Dash. The package, a YouTube ‘Scope’ (the search engine bit) and […]

29 December 2011
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Help Test a Pirate Bay Scope & Torrent Lens in Ubuntu

Ever wanted to search The Pirate Bay and grab a .torrent without opening a browser window? Now you can using a combo of 'Unity Scope Piratebay' and the 'Torrent Lens'. Read on for more information and those all important install instructions.

5 December 2011
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Search Grooveshark Tracks From the Unity Music Lens

A new 'scope' for Ubuntu's Unity Music Lens presents results from online music service 'Grooveshark' amongst your local collection. When searching for an artist, track title or album title via the Unity Music Lens or Dash, the scope displays relevant tracks and albums playable through the Grooveshark music streaming service.

18 November 2011
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Better Positioning Lenses within the Dash (mockups)

Another day and another set of Unity mock-ups. This time from the hand of Ubuntu user staticd, who wonders whether the position of the 'Lens bar' - which appears at the bottom of the Dash in Ubuntu 11.10 - could be better placed - could be better placed.

11 November 2011
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Unity Tomboy Lens Makes Searching, Opening Your Notes Easy in Ubuntu

Tomboy is Ubuntu's default note-taking application - and a pretty good one at that. Developer Rémi Rérolle thinks so too, and wrote in to share word of his 'Tomboy' Lens for Ubuntu.

9 November 2011
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Unity Bliss: An Alternative Application Lens for Ubuntu

Unity's Application Lens is pretty much perfect: you can search apps by text, or by category. Simple stuff, right? Well it's not simple enough for those who prefer the more traditional approach to application-menu structure. To that end the maintainer of the Unity Application Lens, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, has put together an GNOME Menu inspired alternative. A lens he's called 'Unity Bliss'.

5 November 2011
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Unity Music Lens Adds Ubuntu One Music Store Searching

A recent update to the Music lens in Unity has added 'scope' for searching the Ubuntu One Music Store.

28 September 2011
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Clipboard manger Diodon debuts Unity Lens

Clipboard manager 'Diodon' is to soon add a searchable Unity lens for clipboard entries to its default package.

25 May 2011
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‘Web Sources Lens’ for Unity puts web search on your Ubuntu Desktop

For those times you want to find something online with the hassle of having to open your browser, heading to Google and then searching, try the 'Web Source Lens' for Ubuntu 11.04 Unity.

12 May 2011
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Five neat Unity Lenses in development

Following on from recent posts covering neat new 'Lenses' for Unity - visually slick ways to access information via the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop - I thought it time for a quick round-up of the most interesting lenses currently in development.

4 April 2011
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Gwibber lens for Ubuntu Unity available; adds social awesome to the 11.04 desktop

The following lens for Gwibber, Ubuntu's default 'social messaging application, weaves your social networking streams through the slick visuals of Unity and making them easily accessible from the Ubuntu desktop.

2 April 2011