Do you read the information leaflet enclosed with your medication before you discard the packaging?

If you don’t (and chances are you don’t) then a new lens for Unity lets you access online copies of these leaflets, along with additional information on your medicine’s characteristics.

Medicines Lens in Ubuntu 12.04

You can search by drug name (e.g. Fluoxetine), product/brand name (e.g. Prozac), or company name (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline Ltd) 

Results, which are intended for UK and ROI users, are divided into two categories:

  • Top: Summary of Product Characteristics
  • Bottom: Patient Information Leaflets

Unless you’re a health-care professional (or deeply interested learning more about your medication) you can ignore the top results.


Depending on your location the lens will serve up data from either or A filter is available should you wish to swap between sources.

The developer says of these:

“Both of these are not-for-profit representative bodies of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and the UK and the websites are considered as reliable sources of medicines information by health-care professionals.”

How to Install Unity Medicines Lens in Ubuntu 12.04

[box style=alert] Information provided by this lens is not intended to replace proper medical advice from a health-care professional.[/box]

Installing is done in the usual fashion. Use these commands in a terminal:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:markjtully/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity-lens-medicines

After installation has completed you will need to log out of your desktop session and back in before the Lens appears in the Unity Dash.

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