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Goober Instant Messenger, VoIP and Video Calling Client Has Ample Features

With Pidgin and Empathy both eeking it out in the multi-service instant messaging arena one could be forgiven for thinking there was no need for another candidate. Enter Goober.

6 July 2011
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OneTeam instant messenger: Good, but not great

OneTeam instant messenger - ever heard of it? I hadn't either until news of its 'open-sourcing' caught a bit of attention in late December last year. Intrigued, I took the 'still in beta' client for a spin and found a lot to like, but nothing to love...

13 January 2011
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7 days with Emesene 2 Pre-Alpha

Emesene2, the successor to the popular Windows Live Network-based Instant Messaging application ‘Emesene’, recently launched a testing PPA for foolhardy users to install and test the current pre-alpha builds. Emesene2 has been rewritten completely from […]

15 July 2010
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Instant Bird – ‘Firefox meets Pidgin’ Hybrid chat Client

Why do you get when you cross Firefox and Pidgin? InstantBird.   No, That wasn’t a joke without a punchline but an introduction to one of the more interesting applications I’ve tried in a while […]

1 July 2010
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Emesene 1.5.1 Released

Emesene 1.5.1 is more of a bug fix release than a feature release, but it still holds some surprises for users. We take a quick peek before it hits the Ubuntu Karmic servers and lands […]

23 October 2009
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5 Excellent Empathy Themes

One unique feature of Empathy is the ability to use Adium chat themes, which is great for those looking to have a different chat layout during IM’s. Since Empathy is the new default Messenger in […]

18 September 2009
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MSN Video & Voice Chat Comes To Empathy

MSN video and audio chat is now supported by instant messenger ‘Empathy’. Empathy will be replacing Pidgin as Ubuntu’s default IM client in Karmic, so this support being released couldn’t come at a better time […]

14 September 2009
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Karmic Gets New IM Session Status Icons

Karmic’s session applet icons have been updated to a new set of stylish glossy status symbols. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, these are the instant messenger status ‘icons’ integrated into the user-session-applet […]

14 September 2009
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Emesene 1.5 Released – Adds MSN Webcam Support

Emesene 1.5 code named “Awesome” has been released. This updated version of the Linux application, for use with the ‘Windows Live Messenger‘ network, sees a host of buxfixes and the usual internal tweaks. Feature wise, […]

20 August 2009
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Pidgin Adds Webcam, Voice Chat And More! – .Debs Inside!

Popular multi-protocol instant messenger Pidgin has added webcam sending/receiving, voice chat, themeing and  file-transfer support on the Yahoo! IM network and all your general clean-ups, memory tweaks and even (finally!) a nice scalable icon! Webcam […]

19 August 2009
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Try Emesene 2!

Want to try out the pre-alpha of Emesene 2? You’re in luck! The Emesene development team (and what a merry band of wranglers they are, too!) have provided a .deb snapshot of Emesene 2 as […]

5 August 2009
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Best IM Client For Ubuntu

This post is a few months old. A newer version reviewing even more IM clients can be found by clicking this link. What is the best IM (Instant Messaging) Client for Ubuntu? Let’s find out! […]

26 April 2009