MSN video and audio chat is now supported by instant messenger ‘Empathy’.

Empathy will be replacing Pidgin as Ubuntu’s default IM client in Karmic, so this support being released couldn’t come at a better time for users new to Empathy.

The new packages will be appearing shortly on the official Ubuntu Teletpahy PPA which you can add @ (this also contains an updated Empathy and all of it’s dependencies.)

If you’re all set already ” and running up-to-date version of papyon, farsight2 and empathy then you can grab the telepathy source @


True MSN file transfer support is also due to drop very soon, too!

Huge kudos has to go out to the developers of this. I’ll shamelessly copy-and-paste their names and contributions here from Guillaume Desmottes blog: –

  • Philippe Kalaf, Olivier Crête, Youness Alaoui and Richard Spiers,
  • Youness, Ole Andre and Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (Reverse engineering of the MSN protocols and its implementation in Papyon.)
  • Youness (him again!) for the NAT traversal code in libnice.
  • Louis-Francis and Jonny Lamb for the Telepathy layer in Butterfly.
  • The Empathy team and especially Jonathan Tellier who polished the audio/video GUI

Pictures will be added as soon as a contact who wants to video chat signs on!

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