Emesene 1.5.1 is more of a bug fix release than a feature release, but it still holds some surprises for users. We take a quick peek before it hits the Ubuntu Karmic servers and lands in your update tray!

First things first – Emesne 1.5.1 is a maniacal bug killer, for sure.

Amongst the bug corpses lying firmly flattened are: –

  • Fixed focus problem in conversation windows
  • Notifications fixed
  • Fixed sending errors when chatting to WLM users
  • Bug free login
  • Contact management issues sorted
  • Fixed broken plugins

“Lovely, but what’s new?” I hear you ask.

Status’s Gone?!
Several statuses (Brb, Lunch, Phone) have been removed due to WLM no longer supporting them.

Oddly this makes the status menu look much more sleeker. Kudos!

New theme – “Gnome Colours”

Perhaps designed as a response to the new Humanity icons in Ubuntu, perhaps not. The new icons are very gnome-friendly and replace the (at times) cartoonish feel the default can give off.

Reminiscent of Empathy and Pidgin’s status icons in places, the new theme add’s a well-needed visual refresh for the awesome MSN client.

New Layout Options
Conversation Windows get their own dedicated interface customization tab in 1.5.1, adding a few new options along the way.

Service Status
Is it a bug or is MSN actually down? Finally you can find out thanks to a handy ‘Service Status’ link on the login screen.

Mail Integration
1.5.1 adds support for opening mails with your default mail client.

One Feature In 1.5.2 I’m Really Looking Forward To…

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