Want to try out the pre-alpha of Emesene 2? You’re in luck!

The Emesene development team (and what a merry band of wranglers they are, too!) have provided a .deb snapshot of Emesene 2 as of July 26th.

It installs itself alongside any existing Emesene version you are using, and has it’s own separate launcher.

Given it’s pre-alpha you have to keep in mind that it’s not fully feature complete nor stable as Emesene 1.5 or Emesene 1.0, but it does provide an interesting glimpse into the fine work being done in developing it.

Try it out and let the developers know your opinions over at http://forum.emesene.org/index.php?action=forum#1


Download: http://tecnicoslinux.com.ar/livecd/emesene2_0.0.1a_all.deb

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