OneTeam instant messenger – ever heard of it? I hadn’t either until news of its ‘open-sourcing’ slipped out almost unnoticed on Xmas eve just gone.

Intrigued, I took the ‘still in beta’ client for a spin and found a lot to like, but, so far, nothing to love…


The press garb on One Team’s open-sourcing boasts that the feature set and interface used  ‘could well qualify as "IM 2.0"’.

I wouldn’t go that far: dedicated XMPP client ‘Synapse’ offered the visual contact list years ago (before drying up due to a lack of community support) so OneTeam isn’t reinventing the wheel here.

That said, it is this ‘visual roster’ that gives OneTeam its distinctive look. And, when lined up against other IM applications, looks all the better for it.

Thread conversations (or ‘how to keep track of rapid talkers)

Next feature up on the ‘must mention’ list is rather unique: conversation threading.

Personally I’m not sure whether ‘casual’ users of OneTeam (admittedly not the target demographic) having one-on-one conversations would find the feature of any use, but for group chats it could certainly make managing the mire of messages a little more intelligible .

Chat logging done differently

Like other IM clients OneTeam has the ability to ‘log’ your chats, a feature turned on by default.

The neat thing about its’ implementation in OneTeam is that you don’t need to find some hidden menu entry or read logs in a text editor: just open a chat window with the contact in question (whether they are online or not) and a big bold arrow entices you to waddle back through your previous conversations.

Which is pretty neat.


I don’t ever remember being paranoid about my GTalk chats but for those that are OneTeam  includes client to server encryption, so all your conversations take place in private. This is enabled by default.


To enable multi-accounts you will need to sign up for a account.  By logging in using this you are able to connect to other ‘service gateways’ including Yahoo, MSN and iChat.


The rest of OneTeam’s features include: –

  • Ability to create conference rooms for group chats
  • ‘Offline messaging’
  • XMPP compliant
  • Options to pick between icons/emoticon sets
  • An option tray icon with no features beyond calling/hiding the main window

Download and use

No .deb packages are available yet but getting up and running with the app is still a relatively simple affair.

Download the prepared archive located  @ Extract it and double click on the run file inside. It runs.


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