Popular multi-protocol instant messenger Pidgin has added webcam sending/receiving, voice chat, themeing and  file-transfer support on the Yahoo! IM network and all your general clean-ups, memory tweaks and even (finally!) a nice scalable icon!


Webcam chat is only currently supported on XMPP protocols (Google Chat, Jabber).

This 2.6.1 release isn’t yet available in the Ubuntu repos (it will be at some point), however you can download it at the links below if you’re super impatient!

Ubuntu 64 bit


Ubuntu 32 bit



Note: it currently seems that Video sending isn’t working in Jaunty because certain lib-purple libraries need updating. Simply add the Pidgin PPA and when the updated versions of libpurple are uploaded, you’ll be prompted to install them.

Alternatively, download & install the .deb files from this awesome post: – http://stemp.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/pidgin-2-6-1-audiovideo/

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