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Help The ‘Ubuntu Welcome Tour’ Project

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Once upon a time in a distribution not-so far far away a proposal was made: “Lets show new Ubuntu users a tour of their OS on start-up so that they’re orientated from the start.”

Ultimately the plan for a such a “Welcome Tour” came to nothing. The dust grew thick upon the idea and the cobwebs post-homely. Although a short “introduction” to Ubuntu now plays during installation (more of a sales pitch if you ask me) is the idea of an interactive desktop tour an idea worth reconsidering?

Ubuntu Welcome Tour Project
Ubuntu user Brian Vidal thinks so and set about creating a framework for just that; introducing new users to their new desktop via a slick informative ‘tour’.

“A initial window to take a tour trough the Ubuntu OS, also gives an option to do common task.”

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Making users feel comfortable
Put yourself in the position of someone who has just booted up Ubuntu for the first time. You sit staring at a dual-panel desktop with a few sparse icons sat on your desktop. It looks alien to you – you may feel confused or intimidated.

Now imagine the same situation but a “Welcome Tour” window has popped up on first boot; it explains what Ubuntu is, shows you how to use the desktop, where to find your applications, what those weird bubbles popping up on the right are for and how to connect to your WiFi setup.

Within five minutes you’re comfortably orientated; no more relying on intuition or trial-and-error. You’re using Ubuntu!

If you’re a seasoned user you may still find the welcome tour helpful – it may point out new features or changes since your upgrade. Alternatively close the tour and it never again bothers you.

Ubuntu Welcome Tour
The idea is a sound one and if you’d like to help Brian Vidal is looking for help.

I’m working on this, and the framework is almost done, but need help with animations, script and narration.

Sound like a challenge or opportunity you’d like to muck in with? You can contact the project via Launchpad @

Try it out
If you want to have a poke around the (very awesome) work done so far you can get a copy using: –

  • bzr branch lp:ubuntu-welcome-window
  • cd bin
  • ./tour

Note: You may need to install python-lxml