MPT from Canonical’s design team e-mailed us earlier asking if we could post the following questions regarding Bluetooth in Ubuntu to get your feedback.

Given the design team totally surpassed even already-high expectations in creating such a professional, well designed and beautiful new Ubuntu experience in Lucid I think the least we can do to show our thanks is by answering the questions below.

Since Ubuntu 9.04, one of the many things Canonical’s Design team has been working on is making panel elements more consistent.

As part of that work, I am researching how people use Bluetooth, and in particular, the Bluetooth menu in the Ubuntu panel.

If you use Bluetooth with your computer, it would be very helpful if you could comment on this post with answers to these questions:

  1. What kinds of Bluetooth device do you use with Ubuntu?
  2. Do you use the Bluetooth menu in the panel? If so, what for, and how often?
  3. Do you use Bluetooth devices with any OS other than Ubuntu? If so, do you find it more or less convenient than in Ubuntu, and why?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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