imageWith the final releases of Ubuntu 10.04 gearing up there will be an influx of new and eager users soon be flocking into the Ubuntu pen.

To help guide newbie’s in getting off to a pain-free start with the worlds greatest free Operating System we publish a traditional “10 things to do after installing Ubuntu” article, consisting of the usual fare such as how to get flash and multimedia codec’s up and running, enabling 3D drivers, etc.

So, to better help make an awesome, relevant and above-all-else useful 10-point guide for post-Lucid installations I thought it’d be beneficial to see what you consider your “top 10” must do’s and factor the most popular in. After-all one nerds’ Ubuntu Tweak is another geeks BleachBit !

Feel free to leave your list in the comments below (and if you cant stretch to 10, that’s fine!)

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