German software company SoftMaker are giving away free copies of commercial office suite ‘SoftMaker Office 2008’ – but with a very welcome catch: for every successful download of the application set they will donate € 0.10 to charity.

The biggest thing to realize here is that SoftMaker Office isn’t at the cutting edge of user-interface design or feature set. The suite is a perfectly capable tool for basic office needs and with a lightweight footprint is responsive in use.

The suite comprises of:

  • TextMaker – a word processor app that can read and write to various formats including .doc, .odt, .sxw and its own .tmd format.
  • PlanMaker spreadsheet tool – compatible with Microsoft Excel with Excel-compatible charting and an Excel-compatible AutoShapes drawing layer.
  • SoftMaker Presentations is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


An easy-to-install .deb version of the 2008 suite can be download for free @ until December 31st.

Thanks to Bartosz

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