With Xmas almost here you’re likely to find yourself edging near the starting line titled ‘the mad rush for last-minute gifts‘.

If you’re going to be busy on Amazon over the festive period don’t forget to use the GNOME referral links. Using these cost you nothing and they work just like normal amazon links, but instead of the shopping giant getting every cent of your cash a small slice goes to help keep the wonderful folks at GNOME all warm and fuzzy.

It’s an easy way to ‘give’ something back in appreciation of all the great things that GNOME do without it costing you a thing.

Firefox & Chrome/ium

GNOME have an Amazon search plug-in for Firefox that can be added by clicking the link below and agreeing to to the pop-up that follows.

Chrome/ium users can also use this referral plug-in. Just click on the same ‘Install search plugin’ link as Firefox users and the following pop-up will appear: –

To use start typing ‘Amazon’ into the smart bar and then hit the tab button to enable the Amazon GNOME-specific search: –


Other browsers & methods

Users of other browsers, such as Epiphany, can add Smart Bookmarks from the GNOME site.

If you don’t fancy installing anything extra but still want to help use the GNOME Amazon store @ gnome.org/friends/amazon where you can browse for items directly on the page.


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