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Where’d Gwibber Go in Ubuntu 13.04? And What’s Friends?

Anyone booting into the new-fangled Ubuntu 13.04 desktop later this month will notice something missing; Gwibber does not come pre-installed on Ubuntu any longer. Why not? We find out...

10 April 2013

Revamped QML ‘Gwibber’ Shown Off

A new QML version of Ubuntu's default social client 'Gwibber' has been demoed by its developer...

5 March 2013
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Lazy Saturday? Help Gwibber & Kazam Hunt Bugs

The Ubuntu Global Jam – a weekend-long session of community activities to help improve Ubuntu – wraps up tomorrow, but if you feel a bit left out of activities here’s your chance to contribute. The […]

3 March 2012
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Does Gwibber Need a New Icon?

The icon for Ubuntu's default social client Gwibber is nice enough but could it be better?

10 February 2012
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Gwibber Gets Revamped For Ubuntu 11.10: Faster, Lighter, Prettier

Gwibber - it's Ubuntu's default social client, but do you use it? Chances are you don't. Despite have a great feature set and support for almost every major social networking sites Gwibber is tarnished with a reputation for being slow, laggy, resource hungry and a notification-nuisance. But come Ubuntu 11.10 in October Gwibber will be a very different beast. Gwibber just got sexy.

12 July 2011
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Gwibber lens for Ubuntu Unity available; adds social awesome to the 11.04 desktop

The following lens for Gwibber, Ubuntu's default 'social messaging application, weaves your social networking streams through the slick visuals of Unity and making them easily accessible from the Ubuntu desktop.

2 April 2011
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New Gwibber User Guide makes mastering social networking in Ubuntu easy

Gwibber is Ubuntu's default social networking client and boasts a powerful set of features for tweeting, denting and micro-blogging your life - but are you aware of everything that it can do?

10 March 2011
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Video: Gwibber’s new look interface ‘posting box’

Oh Gwibber - where art thou? It feels an age since we last mentioned anything related to Gwibber but, thankfully, there's a reason for that.

2 January 2011
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How to Auto start Gwibber & Empathy

Get Gwibber and Empathy to auto start on login.

3 December 2010
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How to get gwibber to use the Ubuntu font

If you're on Maverick (or even if you're not) chances are you're in love with the Ubuntu font and as such want to use it everywhere you possibly can. Gwibber, when using the 'Ubuntu' theme, sadly has ideas of its own but enabling Ubuntu-font usage is no more than a minor-hack away.

31 October 2010
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Gwibber to gain Unity Quicklists, Geolocation Integration and more

What's the best thing since slice bread?

26 October 2010
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Gwibber, facebook and You

To many of us applications are like cars: you get it, turn them on and they run. The running, fine-tuning and servicing of the app/car is left to a professional – in this case developers. […]

19 October 2010