Oh Gwibber – where art thou?

It feels an age since we last mentioned anything related to Gwibber but, thankfully, there’s a reason for that.

Back in July last year Ubuntu’s Neil Patel created some superb designs for a ‘new look’ Gwibber. Designs so ace that they are being turned into reality, as Gwibber creator Ryan Paul told us when we interviewed him back in August: –

“I’m sure some OMG! readers have already seen the excellent mock-ups by Neil Patel (here) of his proposal for a next-generation Gwibber interface.

When we implement those mock-ups, we are going to be using native widgets, which will hopefully help improve our performance considerably.”

Whilst the entirely redesigned shebang isn’t ready to try out just yet a few tantalizing demos, prototypes and tests are available to see – including this one of a new look ‘posting box’

So,  for now, grab yourself a bib and drool over this short video demo of what might end being your new favourite text entry field…


Thanks to Dany

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