The QuickLists

Accessing your social networks just became easier with Gwibber Quicklists.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself (Click for bigger screenshot)

The Gwibber Service

It is the super secret service that does all the work behind Gwibber. It is not without improvements this cycle, most notably Geolocation support, the ability to display maps about where your friends are, inside it and the the ability to store you and your friends’ profile data offline.

On the technical side, it will have dynamic plugins which will allow splitting of the package and less used plugins will be made available as separate packages(Google Buzz, anyone?)

libgwibber and libgwibber-gtk (Warning! Technical Stuff, but still interesting)

libgwibber is a library with bindings for Vala, Mono, Python and C which developers can use to get gwibber-service integration in their application and libgwibber-gtk is a widget that allows you to enter the data to feed into the application. libgwibber improvements include a simple API for GObject and a local search API and libgwibber-gtk improvements include a reply entry widget with included auto complete, stream view and selector widgets and search and profile widgets.

Ken VanDine has requested feedback on quicklists, reply in the comments.

Just don’t ask me where I got this stuff from

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