Gwibber is Ubuntu’s default social networking client and boasts a powerful set of features for tweeting, denting and micro-blogging your life –  but are you aware of everything that it can do?

Step forward the irrepressibly awesome Vancouver LoCo team have put together a user-friendly and easily ‘accessible user guide’ on Gwibber and its features.

Amongst various topics in the guide you can learn…

  • What Gwibber is and what it can do
  • Using the Gwibber interface to reply, update and like posts
  • Add accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, more
  • Customize Gwibber’s interface
  • Filtering your user stream

Why the need for a guide?

Using Ubuntu is like opening the cupboard door to Narnia: the breadth and possibilities available to you are seemingly endless. Sometimes this choice can be intimidating. Part of getting orientated in this new landscape comes from being ‘informed’ – and, lets be honest, dry, technical ‘help’ manuals just don’t cut it.

The Vancouver LoCo decided to address this by creating fun, engaging and easily-accessible guides that anyone will find useful to read.

First on their list was Gwibber.

“We think social networking should be an enjoyable part of your life, not a micro­management nightmare.”

Continuing: “…back in the autumn of 2010, we set out to create the first guide to Gwibber on Ubuntu. After many months of effort, I am happy to announce that our first version of “Master Social Networking with Gwibber” is complete and ready for your enjoyment.”


The guide is available for download at the following link. Be sure to share it with those you feel would benefit from it.

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