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Apologies for a little whoopsy from earlier!

10 September 2010
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The problem with Gwibber (Tyler Rant)

Why do I not even bother with Social Apps? Click on inside to see.

9 September 2010

The Oauthcalypse Arrives But Gwibber is ready

Support for basic user authentication in many desktop Twitter applications will end at 8AM Pacific time this Tuesday morning, according to Twitter.

31 August 2010
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Seif Speaks: Interviewing Mr. Gwibber (Ryan Paul)

I met Ryan Paul at UDS last may and I must say I was star struck (I am star struck most of the time at UDS anyhow). As a badass editor at arstechnica and the man who started gwibber I thought it would be nice to interview for OMG! Ubuntu!

17 August 2010
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Is Gwibber getting a new icon?

Not definite but it is indeed curious that the Gwibber twitter avatar has been replaced with this shiny new icon: – The icon isn’t that far removed from the current icon either: – It still […]

4 April 2010
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Gwibber in Lucid: Adding More Columns

Short post to help people get the most out of Gwibber as a lot of readers keep asking me “How I got a ‘multiple columns/tweetdeck style’ Gwibber?”. 1. Default Gwibber This is how Gwibber looks […]

28 March 2010
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First peek at Gwibber 3.0?

I don’t fully know the story behind this screenshot ” OMG! reader danyR kindly punted it my way ” so all i know so far is that it appears to be recent (13th March) and […]

14 March 2010
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Gwibber goes TweetDeck in Lucid

Ubuntu supremo Jono Bacon has been blogging about Gwibber and tweeting in Ubuntu Lucid – including the awesome screenshot of a mutli-column Gwibber as shamlessly pasted above. He rather eloquently raves about it: – No […]

9 February 2010
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Gwibber Gets An Awesome New Look

GWibber 2.29.1 comes with an awesome new look – a reduced sidepane, a new accounts window and an input box on show by default! Install You can get the “new look” gwibber via the Gwibber […]

2 February 2010
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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx And The Social Web

Ubuntu are once again aiming to bring the social web to users desktops in the forthcoming 10.04 Lucid Lynx release. The “social from the start” initiative was originally intended to kick-off with Karmic but for […]

23 December 2009
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12 Days Of Xmas: Best Apps Of 2009 – Day One

“On the first day of Xmas Gwibber gave to me, my social networks in a tree…” Tree-view, that is. Yes, Gwibber 2.0 introduced a revamped UI alongside other changes earlier this year – all designed […]

14 December 2009
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Humanity-Style Icons: Liferea, Fusion, Sonata, Rhythmbox & Gwibber

You know the drill by now! Humanity Style Icons for another batch of applications. Fusion Download @ Install ALT+F2 gksu nautilus /usr/share/icons/hicolor/24×24/apps/ Replace old icon with new one ALT+F2 gksudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor Rhythmbox Download […]

10 November 2009