New and exciting ways of interacting with files are being explored in GNOME 3.

Rather than just navigate to and ‘view’ your files the following designs show off features and interfaces that are helpful, modern and in keeping with the modern GNOME desktop.

And before you sigh at the sight of yet more pretty mockups never to be: the following two designs are said to be “definitelyhappening” according to our GNOME source.


The first design is called “Music”, and was designed to give users a “simple and elegant replacement for using Files to show the Music directory.”

The objectives of the ‘Music’ app are, according to the respective GNOME wiki page, to: –

  • Listen to local and online/cloud collections
  • Listen to music on attached devices
  • Listen to music shared by friends
  • Share music
  • Upload music
  • Select favorites


When I first saw the designs for ‘Documents’ I thought ‘iTunes for Documents’ – and that’s actually not a bad idea!

Much like ‘Music’ above ‘Documents’ is designed to provide users with a better alternative to ‘…using Files to show the Documents directory’.


Objectives for Documents include:-

  • View recent local and online/cloud documents (you’ll notice Google Docs featured in one screenshot)
  • Search through documents
  • Store a reading list / todo list – and provide reminders
  • See new documents shared by friends
  • View documents full screen
  • Share documents
  • Upload documents
  • Print documents
  • Select favorites
  • Allow opening full featured editor for non-trivial changes
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