If you’ve played around with GNOME Shell and its default theme then there’s a good chance that when watching a video or viewing a photo you’ve seen the very swish dark variant.

If you like the look of the ‘dark’ version of GNOME 3’s default Adwaita theme, and want to use it as your system theme, then you’re in luck: a wily Chilean user by the name of [removed at request] has modified Adwaita so as to use the ‘dark’ version as default.

Use Adwaita Dark as your system theme

Helpfully, [removed at request] has packaged Adwaita Dark up into neat download. Just hit the button to download it.

link removed at request

Once you have downloaded the theme you’ll need to first ‘unzip’ the archive (right click > extract here) then manually install it as follows: –

  • Open a Terminal
  • type: gksu nautilus /usr/share/themes
  • Move the extracted Adwaita Dark folder to the ‘usr/share/themes’ folder
  • Apply the Adwaita Dark theme using GNOME Tweak Tool
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