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gnome emoji chooser

Color Emoji Support Is Coming to GNOME Desktop

If you're a regular readers you'll know how I've longed to see full color emoji support on Linux — and it seems, at long last, I'm very close to getting it!

20 August 2017
GNOME Web browser

GNOME Web 3.26 Adds Support for Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync support will be the headline feature in GNOME Web 3.26, letting you sync browser tabs, history and other data between Epiphany/Web and Firefox.

9 August 2017
gnome-recipes error handling

GNOME Recipes 3.26 Cooks Up a Batch of Improvements

GNOME's Mathias Clasen has dished up an update on GNOME Recipes, the desktop cookery app for Linux, bringing news of several improvements.

26 July 2017
evince document viewer displaying an adobe illustrator file

Evince 3.26 Will Let You View Adobe Illustrator & CBR Files

Evince, the default document viewer on Ubuntu, is adding support for more file formats. The next stable release, Evince 3.26, due in October, will allow you to view Adobe Illustrator files on Linux without needing […]

26 July 2017
GNOME settings

‘GNOME Tweak Tool’ Has Been Renamed

GNOME Tweak Tool, the handy advanced settings utility for the GNOME desktop, has changed its name to the shortened title of 'GNOME Tweaks'.

20 July 2017
gaming on Linux

GNOME Games 3.26 Snags Some Serious Power Ups

The GNOME Games apps one of my favourite core GNOME apps, so I'm stoked to learn it's getting a big power up for its next stable release due in September.

19 July 2017
GNOME's new look wifi settings

GNOME Devs Improve the Wi-Fi Settings Panel

Improved wifi settings are coming as part a redesigned GNOME Control Center. And as you can see in this video, the new wifi panel is looking seriously good.

18 July 2017
nautilus logo

3 Nifty New Features Coming to Nautilus

Here are 3 neat new features coming to Nautilus, the GNOME file manager app, all of which are designed to help make finding and managing files faster.

11 July 2017
GNOME 3.26 await day background

This is the GNOME 3.26 Default Wallpaper

Holy geometric structure, batman! The new GNOME 3.26 wallpaper is up on GNOME Git — and it's a bit of a departure from what's gone before.

4 July 2017
gnome shell search results list mockup

GNOME Shell Is Finally Improving its Search Results Page

Search results in the GNOME Shell overview may soon look a little neater. Improvements to the look and layout of the GNOME Shell search list is being worked on as part of this year’s Google […]

27 June 2017

Recurring Events Coming to GNOME Calendar

The GNOME Calendar app is to gain support for recurring calendar events in GNOME 3.26. Developer Yash Singh is working to add the relevant code necessary to support recurring events as part of the Google […]

26 June 2017
gnome logo

GNOME Tweak Tool Now Lets You Move the GNOME Application Menu out of the Top Bar

A new development snapshot of GNOME Tweak Tool is available to download, and it surfaces yet another really useful GNOME feature.

20 June 2017