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Umm, GNOME Shell Has a Rather Big Memory Leak

There's a rather annoying memory leak in GNOME Shell, and it's unlikely to be fixed in time for the release of Ubuntu 18.04 next month.

21 March 2018
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How To Install Vanilla GNOME Shell on Ubuntu 17.10

So you’ve installed Ubuntu 17.10 but you’re not 100% sold on the direction Ubuntu has taken the GNOME desktop in — no shame in that. The customized version of GNOME that Ubuntu 17.10 uses is very […]

20 October 2017
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First GNOME 3.26 Point Release Is Now Rolling Out

The first point release update to GNOME 3.26 has been released, and brings a number of bug fixes to many parts of the GNOME 3.26 desktop.

4 October 2017

How To Enable Fractional Scaling in GNOME 3.26 on Ubuntu 17.10

Despite the best efforts of many fractional scaling wasn’t ready for the GNOME 3.26 release earlier this month. But those of you running GNOME on a HiDPI display need not despair as you can enable experimental […]

21 September 2017

The Official GNOME 3.26 Release Video Has Arrived

The GNOME 3.26 release arrived earlier this week, and now an official release video has popped out to help highlight all of the new features it brings.

15 September 2017
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GNOME 3.26 Officially Released

GNOME 3.26 has been officially released — hurrah! If you’ve been waiting on the official nod to pull the string of your celebratory party popper, that’s your cue! A mailing list post, a fancy wiki […]

13 September 2017
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See What’s New in GNOME 3.26

To celebrate the GNOME 3.26 release we take look at the top GNOME 3.26 features, including the new settings app and Nautilus improvements.

13 September 2017

GNOME 3.26 Removes the Legacy System Tray — But Will You Miss It?

GNOME 3.26 removes the legacy tray area still used by some desktops apps. We ask whether this decision is really as big of a deal as it sounds.

1 September 2017
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Ubuntu 17.10 Will Use GNOME Shell 3.26

Most of us expected that Ubuntu 17.10 would manage to with GNOME Shell 3.26 on board — but it’s nice to hear it confirmed. A feature-freeze exception filed pending a package update last week has […]

30 August 2017
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GNOME Games App Picks up Controller & Keyboard Config

I love the GNOME Games app, it lets me manage and play my collection of retro games  Not the best named app, GNOME Games is the desktop app for managing and browsing your games collection. […]

30 August 2017

How GNOME Shell Search Is Improving

GNOME 3.26 improves the appearance of GNOME Shell search results, making better use of screen space to show more results on screen.

29 August 2017
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Meet the Saner, Streamlined GNOME Settings App [Video]

As you may be aware, the GNOME Control Center is getting some long overdue love and attention in GNOME 3.26. The macOS inspired icon grid used since the early days of GNOME 3 gives way […]

24 August 2017