gnome app menu in top bar

A new development snapshot of GNOME Tweak Tool is available to download, and it surfaces yet another really useful GNOME feature.

The new option will please those who dislike the placement of the GNOME Application Menu in the top bar and want it integrated into the title bar of applications instead.

Why? Well, because the latest version of GNOME Tweak Tool lets you do exactly that. Think of it like Unity’s locally integrated menu option but with an icon instead of text.

locally integrated gnome menu

An option to disable the GNOME application menu in the top bar isn’t new as a switch already exists in GNOME Tweak Tool.

What GNOME Tweak Tool 3.25.3 does is improve that option specifically for Ubuntu users by making sure that the app menu window button is properly configured to show up in the title bar of windows when the top bar menu is disabled.

Other Changes

Other changes in this development build of the app, which will go stable alongside the rest of GNOME 3.26 in September, include further layout tweaks and a splash screen for the Extensions section when no extensions are installed.

Earlier this month the app added an option to move window buttons to the right or left in GNOME Shell, something Ubuntu users are certain to find helpful.

You can download the latest version of GNOME Tweak Tool and install it on Ubuntu 17.04 without experiencing any major issues (though, naturally, it comes without any guarantees). Just grab the installer from the Ubuntu 17.10 Artful repos:

Download GNOME Tweak Tool 3.25.3

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