Search results in the GNOME Shell overview may soon look a little neater.

Improvements to the look and layout of the GNOME Shell search list is being worked on as part of this year’s Google Summer of Code.

The updated design, to be based off of a GNOME design team mockup from 2015, makes better use of space, provides more information for local file and folder results, and uses smaller application/result icons to make the list easier to scan.

gnome shell search results list mockup
The proposed redesign is cleaner, neater, and more informative

Rares Visalom, writing on his blog, says: “I’m working on is this bug and I can happily say that it’s nearly done. A few minor adjustments and it will look just like in the picture.”

“There are still some questions about adding transitions (but nothing sure so far) and that’s about it. I’m going to write another post soon, when the search results will look exactly like the mockup!”

The tweaked overview list is just one of several GNOME related changes being worked on in this year’s Google Summer of Code. Other projects include adding recurring events to GNOME Calendar; adding options to resize and repair filesystems in GNOME Disks; and adding support for gamepads and keyboard configuration in the GNOME Games application.

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