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Apropos of nothing: GNOME Tweak Tool, arguably a must-have essential for GNOME desktop users, has changed its name.

Yup, hold the front page!

The nifty utility has decided to drop the ‘tool’ descriptor from its title to be known simply as GNOME Tweaks’.

Or, more accurately, just ‘Tweaks’. It’s only outside of the GNOME desktop that people refer to apps with a GNOME prefix, e.g., GNOME Web is just ‘Web’, GNOME Photos is just ‘Photos’, and so on.

The string change means the app now matches the naming convention of other GNOME apps, like Documents, Files, and Settings.

Not everyone was persuaded by the need to rename. GNOME design Alan Day says the “…change seems counter-productive to me. The name is well-established and the benefit is minimal at best.

Even so, the name change has now gone ahead and the next stable release of the app, due in September, will use the truncated title.

This is purely a branding change; GNOME Tweaks is still the same app as before, and the raft of improvements headed its way are all on course to ship in the next stable release.

It’s unlikely that those of who launch the app with muscle memory  — Super key > T, W, and E keys > resolute smack on Enter — will be affected by the name change, though.

Via Wogue

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