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Does ‘The GIMP’ Need A New Name?

This week saw the release of GIMP 2.7.3, complete with a working single window mode. With GIMP back in the spotlight, I came across a blog post by Nick Ali in which he suggests 'The GIMP' should be given new name. Do you agree?

24 August 2011
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GIMP 2.7.3 Released With Working Single Window Mode, Layer Groups, More

A new unstable snapshot of Image Editing programme 'The Gimp' has been released.

22 August 2011

Open source designer Ian ‘Izo’ Cylkowski talks tools, design tips and talent

Earlier this week Akshat took some time out to chat with open-source fan and graphic designer talented Ian 'Izo' Cylkowski about his work, his tools and his thoughts on designing in open-source.

11 May 2011
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‘Single window’ GIMP release delayed – but why?

GIMP 2.8, a.k.a. 'the one with single window mode', won't see release on December 26th as planned. But why? Read on to see.

29 December 2010
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Fix ‘blank’ photo prints problem in GIMP

Many users were surprised to find out that, after upgrading to Maverick, GIMP no longer prints out photographs, but instead prints out blank pages. Fortunately, I have found the fix to this, which shall land in Maverick through update-manager in a few weeks.

9 November 2010
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Photoshop CS5’s showpiece is a feature GIMP has had for years

The whole internet is buzzing with this at the moment and, well, it’d be crazy for us not to at least mention it. Photoshop product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes posted a short video on YouTube […]

28 March 2010
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Google Summer of Code: Proposed Ideas for Ubuntu, GNOME, LXDE,

With Google’s annual Summer of Code poking its ahead around the thinning pages of the calendar armies of Open-Source organizations are once again interning themselves at idea meeting round-tables and entering into proposal speculation to […]

21 March 2010
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Single Window GIMP Coming 27th December 2010

We’ve discussed the singlewindow GIMP before – even telling you how to install it! Now GIMP developer Martin Nordholt has revealed that the ‘target’ release date for version 2.8 (AKA ‘Single Window GIMP) is December […]

24 January 2010
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GIMP To Be Removed From Lucid; F-Spot Has Challengers

UDS Wednesday kicked off with a super interesting session; a meeting entitled “Application selection in the default install“. Over three posts I’ll present the main ideas and discussions from these meetings: Whittling the default game […]

18 November 2009
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Install The Single-Windowed Gimp Preview in Ubuntu [How-to]

Want to try out the new “single window” Gimp? Here’s how! BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS IN DEVLOPEMENT SOFTWARE AND NOT DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE. You will also need to remove any exising Gimp […]

6 October 2009
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First Pictures Of Single Window Gimp – It Looks AMAZING.

The first glimpse at the long-awaited (and much-desired) single window Gimp has been posted on GIMP developer Martin Nordholts blog. He updates that progress is coming on well, spurred on in part by the “overwhelmingly […]

6 October 2009