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Linux Color Emoji Font Adds 72 New Unicode 9.0 Emoji

Unicode 9.0 support has been added to the (awesome) EmojiOne Font. This nifty SVG-in-OT font lets Linux users see and use full color emoji on Linux desktops, including Ubuntu. Version 1.2 of EmojiOne Font fully supports the 72 new pictograms added in Unicode […]

12 June 2016

It’s Now Even Easier to See Color Emoji on Ubuntu

An update to the EmojiOne Font, which lets you see full color emoji in select Linux apps, is now available.

8 May 2016

How to Change Desktop Font on Ubuntu (Pssst, It’s Easy)

So you want to change font on Ubuntu but you don't know how? Read this post! We show how to change font and adjust font size on Ubuntu and GNOME Shell.

14 March 2016
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How To See Full Color Emoji on Linux (Updated)

An open-source font brings full color emoji to Linux desktops and is based on the EmojiOne glyph set. We show you how to install the font on Ubuntu.

10 March 2016

The Easy Way to Use Emoji on Ubuntu

Want to know how to easily find and enter emoji on Ubuntu desktop? Read on to find out.

16 February 2016
how to see emoji in ubuntu

How To Enable Emoji On Ubuntu In One Easy Step

Emoji are cropping up all over the web, becoming a popular (if often baffling) part of modern communication. But how to see them in Ubuntu?

20 November 2014
Typecatcher downloads google fonts

Use Typecatcher to Install Google Web Fonts on Ubuntu

If you want access to a wider selection of fonts in Ubuntu there’s easy way to add a tonne — and in this post I show you how. Google Fonts provides web developers and designers with hundreds of […]

29 August 2013
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KDE Font Oxygen ‘Fit for Testing’

KDE's very own font is coming along nicely, with its developer releasing an updated preview version for download.

15 January 2012
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KDE Font ‘Oxygen’ Available for Testing

An early alpha release of the new KDE font family is available for testing. 'Oxygen', designed by prolific font-maker Vernon Adams, aims to provide a 'clear, legible, sans serif, [that's] rendered with [The Freetype Font Engine] on Linux-based devices.' The alpha release contains three weights - regular, bold and monospace. But only support for 'basic characters' is currently provided.

6 January 2012

Meet ‘Oxygen’ – A Font for the KDE Desktop

It seems that no Linux desktop worth its salt is complete without its own font. GNOME 3 has Canteral, Unity has 'Ubuntu', and now KDE is getting in on the typographic trend. Meet 'Oxygen'.

28 December 2011
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Alpha Release of Linux Spirit Font Available For Download

An alpha release of Mint Sprint - a new system font for Linux Mint - has been made available for download.

24 October 2011
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[How To] Use Android’s New ‘Roboto’ Font in Ubuntu

Android Ice-Cream Sandwich is the talk of the tech-press today – and rightly so. The next iteration of Google’s Android operating system boasts not only some wonderful new features, but ships with a renewed emphasis […]

19 October 2011