If you’ve yet to check out the Ubuntu-based Zorin OS Linux distro, you just got a couple more reasons to.

Zorin OS 15.1 is the first point update to the OS since the Zorin OS 15 release back in the summer. And while this uplift isn’t huge on changes, it’s welcome nonetheless.

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Based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, this update delivers the recent LibreOffice 6.3 release to users desktops.

This update to the famed productivity suite improves file opening/saving performance and boasts more compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

Also coming bundled in Zorin OS 15.1 is GameMode. We took a look at this nifty bit of tech from game porting powerhouse Feral Interactive back in August, explaining what it is and how it works — so it’s nice to see it included.

Typography fans will appreciate the inclusion of the Sans Forgetica font. We tweeted about this font last year, spotlighting the claim that it helps to make remembering things easier…

While Zorin OS 15.1 doesn’t set Sans Forgetica as the default UI font (phew) it is included, making it available to use in apps like LibreOffice Writer.

Lastly, but by no means least, are some improvements to the “Zorin Auto Theme” feature, which transitions between light and dark themes throughout the day.

The new ‘manual schedule option’ allows you to get super-specific about when the light/dark themes should kick in, and when they should shuffle off.

As well as being available available to download via some freshly spin .iso images existing users can upgrade to Zorin OS 15.1 directly via the built-in software updater mechanism.

Remember: the distro is available to download in free (‘core’) and paid (‘ultimate’) variants from the Zorin OS website.

Link to Zorin OS Download Page

Purchased Zorin OS 15 Ultimate? You can download a copy of Zorin OS 15.1 Ultimate using the download link sent to you in your original purchase email.

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