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Ubuntu Font Family Update Adds Monospace Variant

A new release of the Ubuntu Font Family is available, and it comes with two new font styles: a monospaced variant, and a tight Condensed variant.

29 September 2011
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Happy Easter folks! Having consumed my entire body weight in chocolate eggs it wasn't long before the nauseous party-without-a-permit in my stomach affected my brain. Gripped by this cocoa-craziness I found myself asking what anyone feeling overly-sick on sugar-filled products would ask: Why can't multiple fonts be installed easily in Ubuntu? The answer? The punch line? There isn't one.

24 April 2011
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‘Light’ variant added to Ubuntu Font Family

The 'light' variant of the Ubuntu Font Family is available for download.

21 March 2011
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Change the way websites look in Firefox

Last night I featured a neat 'Ubuntuizing' Chrome extension for Wikipedia that replaced Wikipedia's web font with the fancy new Ubuntu one. Reader rainstride saw that and got in touch to share something most customization anoraks will have a hard time resisting: the ability to change every font displayed on every website.

16 January 2011
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Make the GNOME panel font bold, italic, bigger, smaller etc

Get your GNOME panel font to match the style of your window borders with this quick tip.

18 November 2010
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GNOME 3 gets a new font [download]

GNOME 3 will ship with many exciting new features we already know about but here’s another to chalk up to the list: a new font! The font, a ‘Humanist sans-serif’ family titled ‘Cantarell’, isn’t actually […]

6 November 2010
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Use the Ubuntu font on any website with a bookmarklet

Force-use Ubuntu’s default font on pretty much any website you wish with this handy bookmarklet - ‘a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser’ - by reader Miguel Fernández.

6 October 2010
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Download and use the new Chrome OS fonts in Ubuntu

Google’s forthcoming Chrome OS ships with a new default font set that provides  near-identical replacements for commonly used Microsoft fonts online. Replacing the previously used ‘Liberation’ font set are ‘Tinos’ – a Serif font akin […]

25 September 2010
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Install a .deb to enable sharp fonts in Ubuntu

Long to have old-skool 'sharp' looking fonts in Ubuntu? Here's a .deb and a how-to!

20 September 2010
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New font still on course for Ubuntu 10.10

Everyone is hoping to see the elegant new Ubuntu font in use on their desktops come October and, according to the font's lead designer Bruno , everything is still on course for the font to ship with Ubuntu 10.10.

16 September 2010
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Ubuntu Font Hebrew Subset in the making – why not help out?

A Hebrew subset of the new Ubuntu font is in the making and scheduled to to be ready in time for Ubuntu 11.04 thanks to the initiative of Israeli web developer Tom Bigelajzen. His enthusiasm for […]

30 August 2010
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The new Ubuntu font – how to download it

The new Ubuntu font has been available to download for quite a while ” providing you had enough wiles to know where and how to find it. Eagle eyed readers will likely have spotted the […]

9 June 2010