More than 60 new app icons have been added to the Papirus icon theme for Linux desktops.

A flood of new glyphs help boost Papirus’ phenomenally broad coverage further. There are new icons for the no-frills, focused audio player Amberol; Linux Mint’s document tool Thingy; and advanced webcam utility Webcamoid which is included in the latest versions of Ubuntu MATE.

Budgie desktop users will benefit from icons for the new Budgie Control Center, and users of Ubuntu Budgie get icons for the QuickChar, Window Shuffler, WallStreet, and Previews controls.

Some tray-based tools get some attention too, including Thunderbird companion Bird Tray, and the decentralised messaging client Gajim, and Franz fork Ferdi.

Papirus is one of the best icon themes for Ubuntu (regardless of which flavour you use) and with this update adding numerous new icons for the Budgie desktop in particular, that DE-agnostic claim remains so.

A number of Papirus’ existing app icons get a refresh in this update including the glyph for GTK Spotify client Spot (now a downwards facing lamp), GTK writing tool Rnote, and the GTK Font Downloader. Revised icons for Plex, Gufw, Tux Paint, and WINE essential Bottles also feature.

Get Paprius Icons

You’ll find more details on the Papirus icon set (plus a way to request an icon the pack doesn’t yet have) on official project page on GitHub. There you can also grab the source code and downloads for the latest release.

You can also install Papirus icons on Ubuntu using the official Papirus PPA which will be updated with this latest release in the next few days. The PPA also supports most Ubuntu-based distros including Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and Linux Lite.

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