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Is Native Linux App Development In Decline?

Is Linux app development of in decline or switching to 'bespoke' Linux distros with stable foundations, like elementary OS and Deepin? And does this potential trend matter?

22 January 2018
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Elementary OS ‘Freya’ Beta 2 Released

The second beta release of elementary Freya is now available for download, and arrives some six months after the first beta was released to much excitement.

9 February 2015
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Elementary Website Goes Open Source, Privacy Minded

The new version of the elementary website is being built entirely in open-source technologies and will be privacy conscious from the start.

27 January 2015
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Elementary OS Beta Released, But You Might Want to Hold Off Trying It

The first public beta of elementary OS Freya is now available to download — not that the team behind the Ubuntu-based Linux distro think you should try it.

11 August 2014

Better Than the Real Thing? 5 Popular Ubuntu Based Distros

Ubuntu might well be the world's most widely used flavour of Linux distribution, but whether it's the best remains a hotly contested, hugely contentious topic.

11 June 2014
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Elementary OS ‘Isis’ Demoed With Blistering Speed

With Ubuntu placing all of its eggs in a 'convergence' shaped basket, it's left to smaller Linux distributions to push forward the more traditional desktop paradigm that most users are comfortable with.

8 April 2014

Shotwell Development To Be Picked up By Elementary

Development of Shotwell is to be taken over by the team behind Ubuntu-based Linux distribution elementary OS.

24 January 2014
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It’s Elementary: Dan Rabbit Talks Early Days of eOS

I recently had an opportunity to sit and chat with Daniel 'DanRabbit' Foré about many things. In this first part of the interview, we discuss elementary, his role in it, recent and future prospects...

12 June 2012
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Elementary GTK, Icon Theme to Be Pantheon-Only

Change is afoot for one of Linux's most popular GTK themes. Elementary, from its latest release onwards, only "intend" to provide support for its GTK and icon set under the Pantheon desktop environment - the default desktop of the elementary OS. Project lead Dan Rabbit describes the effort to support the various desktop environments and applications in both the gtk theme and the icon set as 'a royal pain'. "So I'm just focusing on making Pantheon work."

3 April 2012
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Elementary Launch Luna Wallpaper Experiment

The next version of elementary's Ubuntu-based operating system, code-named Luna, is likely to see release in the coming months. With work under the hood of the lightweight-Linux OS well underway, the team are starting to turn thoughts to some of the more visual aspects. This includes assembling a set of wallpapers to ship with the release. And to do so they need your help.

27 March 2012
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3 Themes for Linux Dock ‘Plank’

It may be yet to see a stable release but that hasn’t stopped many folks from (get ready for pirate punnery) from ‘walking the plank‘ of instability by using it. What am I jabbering about? […]

19 March 2012
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Help Test New Screen-Recording App ‘Eidete’

A new elementary-style screencasting tool is seeking wider testing. Eidete, which is in heavy development, makes use of elementary project technologies like Granite and Contractor. The result is an application that's simple, featured and a snap to use.

6 January 2012