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3 Themes for Linux Dock ‘Plank’

It may be yet to see a stable release but that hasn’t stopped many folks from (get ready for pirate punnery) from ‘walking the plank‘ of instability by using it. What am I jabbering about? […]

19 March 2012
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Help Test New Screen-Recording App ‘Eidete’

A new elementary-style screencasting tool is seeking wider testing. Eidete, which is in heavy development, makes use of elementary project technologies like Granite and Contractor. The result is an application that's simple, featured and a snap to use.

6 January 2012

Revamped Elementary Icons Made Available for Testing

Elementary fans can now test the latest changes to the popular icon set via a 'testing PPA'. Elementary's semi-iconic icon theme set is getting a overhaul in time for the next release of their Ubuntu-based OS.

29 December 2011
marlin file browser in Ubuntu 11.10

[How to] Install ‘Marlin’ File Browser in Ubuntu 11.10

Bored of Nautilus? Tired of Thunar? Desperate to ditch Dolphin? Maybe it's time to try a new file browser? Marlin is a lightweight file browser built from the ground-up to be responsive, simply designed and easy to use - and here's how to install it in Ubuntu 11.10

27 November 2011
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‘Scratch’ Text Editor Sees First Release

The first stable version of the elementary project's text editor 'Scratch' has been released - and you don't need to be running elementary OS to use it. Scratch, written in Vala and Gtk+3, is similar to other text editors such as Gedit, but adds in additional user-friendly features that elementary project's apps are known for.

31 October 2011
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Elementary OS Luna To Be Based On Ubuntu 12.04

Good things come to those who wait - particularly elementary fans willing to wait until April 2012...

13 September 2011
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Switchboard: A Centralised System Settings Hub By The elementary Project

The elementary team have announced the first public release of 'Switchboard', a centralised hub for configuring system settings on the elementary OS desktop.

18 August 2011
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Like Dark GTK Themes? Check out ‘elementary Dark’

If you been wondering whether the indomitable elementary theme would look better dark, get ready to climb aboard: your theme-train just arrived courtesy of DeviantArtist ~satya164...

28 July 2011
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elementary Music App ‘BeatBox’ Sees New Release

The first stable release of lightweight music player Beatbox is now available for Ubuntu users. Pictures and download how-to inside.

11 July 2011
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Threaded E-Mail Coming to Postler

Conversation-style e-mail display, like that found in GMail, is heading to Postler - and plans on looking sexy in the process. Initial work on conversation threads - which groups sequential e-mails from the same 'conversation' - is already present in the development builds of Postler.

28 June 2011
Pantheon Calculator by elementary

elementary Devs Show Off Slick-looking Calculator App

elementary developers have shown off a small slick-looking calculator utility perfectly matched to the Pantheon desktop experience.

22 June 2011
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Elementary OS ‘Luna’ Speed Shown Off

The speed of Ubuntu-based elementary OS's next version, code-named 'Luna', has been shown off by one of its developers.

9 June 2011