The next version of elementary’s Ubuntu-based operating system, code-named Luna, is likely to see release in the coming months.

With work under the hood of the lightweight-Linux OS well underway, the team are starting to turn thoughts to some of the more visual aspects.

This includes assembling a set of wallpapers to ship with the release. And to do so they need your help.

elementary wallpaper experiment

elementary’s Cassidy James explains more: –

“It’s basically a “hot or not”-style web page where users …click one of two wallpapers they think they like better. We crunch numbers behind-the-scenes and come up with a ranking, which in turn helps us choose from the hundreds of wallpapers.”

So fancy being a critic? Hit the button below to take part. You can ‘play’ as long as you like, and note that the wallpapers are looped – so if you think you’ve seen the same leaf wallpaper 4 times it’s because you have!

elementary Experiment

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