elementaryosThe new version of the elementary website is being built entirely in open-source technologies and will be privacy conscious from the start.

The new site will also be mobile-friendly, easier to update and will avoid storing sensitive user details. It will replace the current website with a single-page download site in time for the project’s upcoming ‘Freya’ release.

Mobile Design
Mobile Design

Additional pages and sections will be added as the site expands, and will include the elementary human interface guidelines and popular user guide.

In retooling their web presence from the ground up elementary is able to lay a foundation that better matches its Linux development ethic.

The new site —  in keeping with the OS — is being built with a simple, flexible and lightweight core using standard technologies and avoids the use of heavy ‘drop-in’ framework and templating systems.

Progress of the new elementary website can be tracked @ beta.elementaryos.org and, being built entirely in the open, issues tracked on GitHub.

The elementary Freya beta received a sizeable update earlier this month, introducing GTK 3.14 (among other changes).

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