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elementary-borderless theme is a simple yet striking change

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

5 January 2011
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Wingpanel – elementary’s slick new space-saving panel project

Wingpanel is a new 'space-saving top panel' created by, you've guessed it, the elementary team.

19 December 2010

Install elementary’s music player Rhythm-e in Ubuntu 10.10 [PPA or .deb]

Long to try out the elementary projects revamped revision of Rythmbox? If you're not keen on building from source to test things out there is now a PPA, courtesy of hadret, and .debs files for easy installation.

19 December 2010
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Meet Dexter – elementary’s new address book app

Keep your contacts in check with Dexter - a new address book application from the elementary project.

4 December 2010
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Add Elementary-themed scrollbars to Chrome

Are you an Elementary fan in pursuit of perfection? Take a step closer with this handy Chrome extension.

1 December 2010
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Elementary theme for Filezilla

Open-source FTP tool FileZilla is fantastic at what it does - but if you're an elementary fan you'll have noticed that it looks a little lame when doing it.

26 November 2010
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elementary Firefox theme updated, renamed

The striking 'elementary firefox' theme updates. Download links and more information tucked inside.

11 November 2010
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elementary mail app Postler comes to Launchpad

It's been a wee while since I last spoke about the elementary mail application 'Postler' but, in the last few days, the project has finally come to Launchpad.

6 November 2010
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elementary 2.5 released – now faster than Ambiance

A new version of elementary - one of the most popular themes available for Linux - has hit version 2.5.

19 October 2010
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 the Tyler way

Come take a look at how Tyler customizes and fine tunes his Ubuntu install in the way of software, eye-candy, and usability, and try out his Compiz profile!

13 October 2010
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‘elementary inspired’ Pogo Audio player

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? That is unless it comes to Linux music players. ‘Pogo’ is the latest weight to sit upon the buckling shelf of native Linux music players - but is it any good?

12 October 2010
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elementary-style icons for Android Desktop Notifier

Back in September we featured the extremely useful ‘Android Notifier’ application which displays alerts and notifications from your Android device on your Ubuntu desktop – making it a perfect addition to anyone with a penchant […]

11 October 2010