If applications were movie genres then Docky would most certainly be a gore film. The rate at which it  haemorrhages new features is bloody impressive. (See what I did there? No… Moving on…)

So what is being mooted, made and merged in Docky land of late? As always there’s quite a bit, but here are a few of exciting developments that I’m stoked to see maturing.

Although, fellow readers, be smart: you’re not going to find these in Docky Stable for a little while yet!

Application Indicator

The moaners wanting a docky-only desktop will most certainly be thrilled to see this beauty of a plug-in by the swell Isak Karlsson which adds Application Indicator support directly on Docky itself. The plugin places indicator applets for open applications in a section of the dock -which is pretty nifty!Docky with App Indicator menusAlso worth mentioning that Ubuntu Unity’s super not-a-dock launcher sports a similar feature – although it attaches indicators to the respective open application icon rather than creating a separate instance.

Stack attack

Since we last mentioned Docky’s ‘Stacks’ feature it’s come on leaps and bounds. A lot of the previous issues/glitches it suffered from seem to be resolved and stacks display really solidly, integrating with the supplied themes well, too.Docky with stacks

App Menus

Admittedly this idea is nothing more than a mock-up currently but is worth highlighting here anyway.

The concept is simple: click the ‘menu’ icon (in this case the Elementary logo) this morphs into an application menu. Click the icon of the application category and a list flies out letting you choose the application you want.
The design is the work of the ever-ace Chawsum – who’s Sezen + Docky concept we featured a week or so ago.


Lastly – but by no-means least..ly Docky-Diehards can now join a Docky user group on Launchpad @ launchpad.net/~docky-users.

App-Indicator picture | isak-karlsson

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