A few days ago we mentioned in passing that the talented Psybers was working on stack functionality for premier dock app Docky. 

The feature hadn’t worked for me until now so finally having it up and running I have to say I am so stoked to see it has stuck closely to Dan Rabbit’s original mock-up for ‘stacks’ that we featured last year!

For comparison – and some reasons to whoop loudly – here is Dan’s mock-up: –


I know some people will likely complain about the point of this post – but I feel that highlighting excellent work is, well, deserved and this is excellent work. Stacks are an oft-requested feature by Docky users with some going as far as to refuse to use Docky until it has them – well that time is almost at hand. Stacks are not part of Docky’s development trunk just yet but given how well they appear to work so far a merge cannot – nay should not – be far off…

Try out stacks for Docky

If you’re brave, foolish and reckless, or a combination of all three, you can install Psybers’ Stacks branch using the commands below. Note that installing Docky this way is not advised if you value stability, etc and may also require the installation of a tonne of development packages.

This is a development branch so you forfeit your right to complain about crashes, bugs or worse!

  • bzr branch lp:~psybers/docky/stacks
  • cd stacks
  • ./configure –prefix=/usr
  • make && sudo make install

To try out Stacks just drag a folder onto Docky and then click on it = stacks.

Uninstall Stacks branch

Finished? Uninstall the Stacks branch using the command below

  • cd stacks
  • sudo make uninstall
Don’t want to install? Watch Stacks in action

Below is a quick 30 second video of stacks in action.

Excuse the first 10 seconds which are garbeled – YouTube garbeld every format I uploaded it in (.ogv, .mp4, .mkv, .flv) but this was the only one that has 20 seconds that look normal. 

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