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CoverGloobus Is a Customizable Desktop Music Widget

Can remember a Linux app called CoverGloobus? You can't? That doesn't surprise me too much. But here's why you should check it out.

14 April 2016

‘Coverbox’ Puts Music Artwork, Controls On the Ubuntu Desktop

Want to display album cover-art and control options on your desktop in Ubuntu? Coverbox, a fork of the once-popular Covergloobus, lets you do just that.

31 August 2012
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This ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Ubuntu desktop is gorgeous and simple to achieve

Is your desktop in need of a makeover? The following desktop by DeviantArtist ~votritis, called 'Stairway to heaven', might be just what you're after...

7 June 2011
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iPod Nano inspired CoverGloobus theme

I know, I know. You're rolling your eyes at the mention of the words 'Nano', 'Apple' and 'iPod' in the same sentence. But as they once sang 'give peace a chance' here I sing 'give iPod Nano inspired CoverGloobus themes a chance' - particularly when they're as nice as this.

13 February 2011

Five neat new Covergloobus themes

Five pretty CoverGloobus themes. Including one by me. Sssh. Let's go.

28 January 2011
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Suave & GrooveUp covergloobus themes

With Christmas almost over there isn't long left in which blasting out your favourite seasonal songs won't seem weird. To help balm the blow here are two slick themes for desktop 'coverart n' controller' CoverGloobus.

24 December 2010
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monocle CoverGloobus theme may just be the most formal app theme. ever.

Pip pip, tally ho and all that. Eyes down on this ravishing example of fine CoverGloobus themery.

3 December 2010
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2 CoverGloobus themes with seekbar support

CoverGlooubs 1.7 brought with it the much longed for 'Seekbar' feature. Whilst one of the default themes takes advantage of it the rest don't - so here's a couple that do.

23 November 2010
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Make your CoverGloobus tray icon mono

With awesome desktop coverart application CoverGloobus pushing out its 1.7 releaase today many users will find a blue 'gloobus' symbol sat in their tray. Here's a mono tray icon to replace it with.

17 November 2010
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CoverGloobus 1.7.6 hits PPA

CoverGloobus 1.7.6 RC1 - aka 'the latest version with all the cool bells and whistles - comes to a PPA for easy installation.

16 November 2010
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CoverGloobus adds timer, progress bar support

Covergloobus fans rejoice - time counter and track-seeking has been implemented into the popular desktop coverart n' controller. I smell a new release brewing ;)

15 November 2010
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Choose the new CoverGloobus Icon [poll]

Jordi Hern├ández – creator of CoverGloobus (and dude with exceptionally good taste in music) – has opened the voting on the choice of new icon for the desktop music art application. We blogged about the […]

8 September 2010