With Christmas almost over there isn’t long left in which blasting out your favourite seasonal songs won’t seem weird. To help balm the blow here are two slick themes for desktop ‘coverart n’ controller’ CoverGloobus.

Suave, created by awhite92, is a compact CoverGloobus theme with seekbar support . It’s quite possibly the most visually attentive theme we’ve ever seen – just check out the mouse-over effect on the player controls!

It’s a wee bit on the small side and sadly doesn’t support ‘scaling’ (a recent feature addition to CoverGloobus). You can grab it @ awhite92.deviantart.com

Want something a bit bigger? Theconso’s GrooveUp theme should fit the bill. The large rectangular candy bar is home to seekbar, player controls and track information.

Download @ theconso.deviantart.com

Download covergloobus Eye Candy