You know the score. It’s time for a round up of the newest and neatest themes created for desktop ‘album art n’ controller’ application CoverGloobus that I’ve stumbled upon over the last few days…


I’ll start with a dozy: ‘Banner’ is the creation of sir-nimaj over on DeviantArt. Whilst it’s minimal in features it is also beautifully designed.


eDark Covergloobus

This theme has it all: star ratings, player controls, track information, track art and stylish good looks. You almost want to envy it. Linux-purists may deride the similarity to iTunes former mini-player look but that’ll be a non-issue for most.



I have love for BTX because it dares to a) have a unique shape and b) not display any cover art at all. It does have scrolling text (where text is too long) and can be resized without too much pixel-ation in the latest CoverGloobus.



Smaller screen with titles

Looking for something small and discrete? Smaller screen is a minuscule CoverGloobus theme compared to others and has just gained ‘track info’ support.


Self promotion alert: I added scrollbar support and some new buttons to my Faenza-inspired CoverGloobus theme – y’know the one with the name you don’t even bother trying to pronounce.


How to install CoverGloobus Themes

Once you’ve downloaded a theme you like the next step is to install it.

  • First you’ll need to extract the theme from the .zip, .7z, .rar or .tar.gz archive you downloaded. This is a ‘Right click > Extract’ affair.
  • Check for any fonts within the theme folder than need to be installed.
  • Next open up your Home folder and press ‘CTRL+H’.
  • Search for .CoverGloobus (Note the preceding period)
  • Enter this folder and move your extracted theme to the ‘theme’ folder within.
  • Right click on CoverGloobus and choose ‘Configure > Theme > your installed theme


Don’t have CoverGloobus installed? Click here. 

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