Ubuntu 12.10 introduces a slower window minimising animation so that users have enough time to ‘register’ where their apps go to.

If you’re used to using Ubuntu and Unity, or have a serious case of impatience, you may find that it’s too slow.

But the good news is that you can adjust it – but you will need to get you hands dirty to do so…

How to Speed Up Ubuntu’s Minimise Animation in 12.10

The tool we need to use to ‘edit’ the speed is called ‘dconf-editor‘ and can be be installed as part of the dconf-tools package.

You may already have it installed, but if not just hit the button below to do so.

  Install Dconf Editor

When installed launch it from the Dash by searching “dconf”

When the Dconf-window opens expand the following sections of the sidebar:

com > canonical

then click on (but don’t expand) the ‘unity’ entry.

Select the following line in the main section of the window:


Double-click on the value field (the number) to edit it.

Change the value from ‘100’ to ‘0’.

Changes take effect immediately.

To reset the value to default select the minimize-speed-threshold line again then hit the ‘Set Defaults’ button in the lower right-hand corner of the dconf-editor window.

Tip: Daniel Brenha

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