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Track banshee played songs with zeitgeist and view through Synapse

Want to get Zeitgeist to track your Banshee play history? Do you then want to view it through the ace new Synapse launcher? You're in luck!

3 December 2010
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Banshee gets Jamendo support

While the core development team are busy working on core enhancements and ensuring a rock solid Banshee 2.0, new community extension developer dz0ny has provided initial Jamendo support.

16 November 2010
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Banshee 1.9.0 released

Ubuntu's new default media player Banshee has seen its first active development release leading towards the new media experience in Natty, 1.9.0.

11 November 2010
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Clutterflow gets packaged for Banshee 1.8

Banshee CoverFlow-style plugin ‘Clutterflow‘ – which we’ve covered many,many times hence no formal introduction to it – has seen a new repackaged release this weekend. The release, which adds support for Banshee 1.8 and improves […]

7 November 2010
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Banshee 2.0 gets official release date, vows to provide excellent Ubuntu experience

The Banshee project is proud to announce that Banshee 2.0 will land on April 6th 2011, continuing the alignment of the Banshee and GNOME schedules as predicted. As Banshee has been granted the honor of […]

3 November 2010

Banshee becomes Ubuntu 11.04 default music player

Banshee is to be the default music player in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal - providing issues with disc space can be overcome.

29 October 2010
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Which would you choose as default: Banshee or Rhythmbox? [Poll]

With Ubuntu 11.04 switching to a combined Netbook and Desktop image only one music player can takes its place on default. The formal decision is due tomorrow but before then why not have some fun and let everyone know which player -you- would make default.

28 October 2010
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Banshee gets new UI for Podcasts

Let's take a break of all the wonderful UDS coverage to explore the first steps towards a new Podcast UI in Banshee.

27 October 2010
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Banshee OMG style, now with 100% more genre filtering

Since Joey scooped me by posting Alex Launis exellent Play Queue enhancement, I figured now the time has come to show off a 5 month old feature in Banshee. Yes.. 5 months old. Namely Alexander […]

24 October 2010
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‘Play after’ feature comes to Banshee

With our regular Banshee news-hound David Nielson enjoying himself in Brazil it’s left to me to share news of Banshee developer Alex Launi’s latest new feature for the aforementioned music player – a ‘play after’ […]

23 October 2010
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Banshee now corrects your metadata automatically

We first reported on Oliver Dufoli's audio fingerprinting extension for Banshee back in mid-September. Now less than a month later I am happy to report that the extension has been merged into the Banshee Community Extensions and is functional.

7 October 2010
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New Banshee features: Improved transcoding and shuffle by similar artists

One of the things I love about Banshee is how easy it is for people to fix their own issues without requiring extensive knowledge. Recently our community have be joined by two new developers who both started working on their own sexy features. Read on...

3 October 2010